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Bio Dé San,

Bio Dé San 是一个富有远见卓识的品牌,多年来依据马来西亚人的皮肤性质,不断为消费者带来富有创意的皮肤护理。Bio Dé San 以其来自美国的植物配方而闻名。配方中含有天然成分,具有持久效果。

Bio Dé San 产品的安全使用重新诠释了它的“天然”概念,这意味着每种物质都经过精心挑选,并经过严格的评估后添加到配方中。

这10年来,Bio Dé San 的联合创始人 Susan Goh 一直是马来西亚 Bio Dé San 的美容顾问和经销商。她于 2000 年首次加入 Bio Dé San,并立即意识到产品的优越性和精致性。客户的反应和忠诚度非常高,人们对使用 Bio Dé San 产品充满信心。

Bio Dé San 目前为整个马来西亚的沙龙/个人提供护肤产品。通过使用与提供教育,并继续与他们的沙龙批发帐户合作,以销售 Bio Dé San 产品。

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Bio Dé San,
We Understand Your Skin

Bio Dé San is a visionary brand that constantly brings new ideas to skin care for Malaysians. Formulated according to the different skin types of Malaysians, the brand is notable for its US formulated plant-based formulas with natural ingredients that offers long-lasting effects.

The safe use of Bio Dé San that reinterprets its concept of ‘natural’ means each substance used is carefully chosen and added to the formulas after stringent evaluation.

For 10 years, Susan Goh, the co-founder of Bio Dé San has been the Malaysian beauty consultant and distributor. She was first introduced to Bio Dé San in the year 2000, and immediately realized the superiority and refinement of the products. Client response and loyalty were overwhelming and people are confident in using Bio Dé San products.

Today, Bio Dé San presently provides skin care products to salons/individuals throughout Malaysia. Using the same principles, it offers education and continually works with its wholesale accounts with salons to market the products.

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